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What are Organic Foods?

Organic foods are foods produced according to organic standards, or crops grown without using conventional pesticides, artificial fertilizers, or sewage. Organic foods also include products from animals that are reared without the routine use of antibiotics and without the use of growth hormones. Organic foods are produced on all levels without the use of genetically modified organisms.

Once only available in small stores or farmers' markets, organic foods are becoming much more widely available. Organic food sales within the US have enjoyed 17 to 20 percent growth for the past few years while sales of conventional food - while still larger in size - have grown at only about 2 to 3 percent a year. This large growth is predicted to continue, and many companies are jumping into the market.

Organic foods can be either fresh or processed, based on production methods.

Fresh food
Fresh food is seasonal and perishable. Fruits and Vegetables are the most available type of organic, fresh food, and are closely associated with organic farming. Stores purchase fresh food directly from growers, at farmers' markets, from on-farm stands, supermarkets, or through specialty food stores. Even though it is possible to get fresh organic meat, eggs, and dairy, it is not common to find this is a true fresh form.

Processed food
Processed food accounts for most of the items in a supermarket; however, these stores also carry organic foods. You will find that the price of organic foods is usually higher. But the quality is well worth the price. Processed organic food still contains organic ingredients. But you will also find that the organic foods have no artificial food additives, chemicals, or other harmful conditions.

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How to find Organic food?

You can use the official Organic Store Locator map to help find the nearest organic store near you. Our listings are updated periodically so that you can always find the best organic food in your town.

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